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Fighting Corruption  |  Advocating for Victims  |  Reforming Government  |  Building Community

Justice for Wyandotte


We persistently foster sustainable communities in the KCK metro area by advocating for honest, accountable, and transparent governance and empowering people.


Sign our Petition! A former Wyandotte County prosecutor's continuous misconduct has led to overturned convictions and her removal from over 20 cases. We demand a D.O.J. review in Wyandotte County!

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What We Do

+ Help you attract and obtain legal resources.

+ Provide an emotional support system.

+ Endorse and lobby for legislation and municipal action in KCK.

+ Help attract media so you can tell your own story.

What We Don't Do

- Provide Legal Aid.

- Provide Licensed Therapy.

- Endorse Candidates.

- Write your story.

There is a place for everyone in the work of justice.

Our Story

In May of 2020, the Leaders of Justice for Wyandotte partnered with Broadway Church to build upon the existing foundations of grassroots community organizing in Kansas City, KS. Not only was the community suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic but also an epidemic of fear, violence, and intergenerational trauma due to abuse and coverups of our law enforcement officers. Through relationships of solidarity, we are building the power we need to end corruption, demand justice, and facilitate healing in Wyandotte County.

Fighting Corruption

Advocating for Victims

Reforming Government

Building Community

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Dr. Sheryl Stewart

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